Home Loans


Do you find yourself parting with more and more of your hard earned cash to keep up with your home loan repayments? 

Or are you are unsatisfied with the conditions or fees of your current loan? 

Then perhaps it’s time to discuss refinance options.   This involves re negotiating your home loan with your current lender or moving to another funder. 

But where do you start?    EMS can assist you with this process. 

We will determine exactly why you are unhappy with your current loan and what you want to achieve from refinancing. EMS will then show you options to suit your needs and guide you through the process.



If you are purchasing a home to live in then you will have different needs and expectations from your loan than an investor. 

These will depend on many factors, such as how much income you earn, what other financial commitments you have, how often you would like to make payments, would you like to be able to redraw extra payments, how quickly would you like to pay off the loan, Do you want to split your loan into part fixed interest rates and part variable and a myriad of other factors. 

We can assist you in exploring all of these areas and more.



Alternatively, you may be thinking about building a home but don’t understand how this works. Do I need to make payments while the building is being constructed, how is the interest charged during the construction period, how does the builder get paid to name but a few of the most common questions. 

We have helped many Australians fulfill the great Aussie Dream and build their own home and are very experienced in all aspects of construction finance.



Want to build or buy your next home but don’t want to sell your existing home yet?

There are lenders that specialize in this sort of finance enabling you to gain approval and build or move into your new home before selling your existing. 

EMS  will help you find the loan to meet your needs and achieve your goals. 

Contact us organise an obligation free consultation with us to discuss your options. 



Investing in property can be an effective way to increase your long-term wealth. The main advantages of investing are associated with capital growth and the tax advantages that come with negative gearing. 

If you are thinking about buying an investment property there are certain factors you need to consider when deciding on which loan to apply for such as fixed or variable interest, interest only or principle and interest repayment options.

There are many investment loans available to meet the varying needs of investors. EMS will explain all of these options to you and help you decide on the most appropriate loan. 

Please call us to organise an obligation free consultation usdiscuss your investment funding options


First Home Buyers

Buying your first home is a big financial commitment; understanding your obligations now and in the future is extremely important. EMS can assist by explaining  how much you can borrow, how the First Home Owners Grant applies and what your repayments will be in the future.