Motor Vehicle Finance

From fulfilling your dream of owning a prized car to establishing a fleet of reliable commercial work vehicles, Express Money Service is your trusted partner. Our comprehensive funding options cater to diverse needs, including private purchases, tax-effective novated leases, and commercial vehicle finance for businesses of any scale.

Chattel Mortgage

Explore various options for motor vehicle finance tailored to your unique circumstances. One such option is the Chattel Mortgage, designed for motor vehicles used predominantly for business purposes. 

Enjoy flexible payments to accommodate seasonal cash flow, and consider a balloon payment at the end of the loan term to reduce monthly repayments. With a fixed interest rate and terms ranging from two to five years, this commercial product provides stability and potential tax deductions for business use.

Novated Lease

A novated lease offers a convenient solution for employees seeking a car as part of their salary package. Here’s how it works: the employee selects the car of their choice and leases it from the financier. The lease contract remains in the employee’s name, ensuring they retain ownership and control throughout the lease period.

To make things even more seamless, the employee novates the lease to their employer, who takes on the responsibility of meeting the lease rentals. By doing so, the employer can provide the vehicle as a benefit without it affecting their balance sheet. Furthermore, should the employee decide to leave the company, they won’t be burdened with an unwanted vehicle.

With a novated lease, employees enjoy the perks of driving their chosen vehicle while keeping it under their control, all while the employer takes care of the financial arrangements. It’s a win-win situation for both parties involved.

Flexible Leasing Options

Leasing is a practical choice for companies and self-employed professionals seeking to finance a motor vehicle. One of the key benefits of leasing is the tax deductibility of lease repayments based on the percentage of the vehicle’s business use.

Leasing offers a tax-effective solution for acquiring a motor vehicle, allowing you to structure repayments according to your cash flow and budget requirements. Whether you need a vehicle for business purposes or a combination of personal and business use, leasing provides the flexibility you need.

At Express Money Service, we can assist you in arranging a lease for a vehicle up to five years old, ensuring you have access to a wide range of options. With our expertise, you can navigate the leasing process smoothly and find the ideal solution for your business or self-employment needs.

Flexible Financing with Commercial Hire Purchase

Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP) is a practical financing solution tailored for employees on a car allowance, self-employed individuals, and businesses of all sizes. It offers a viable option when the vehicle is primarily used for business purposes, exceeding 50% usage.

With Commercial Hire Purchase, you can structure repayments to align with your budget and cash flow requirements. This flexible financing arrangement allows you to take control of your vehicle ownership while benefiting from tax deductions applicable to your business use.

At Express Money Service, we specialize in arranging Commercial Hire Purchase agreements for vehicles up to ten years old. Our expertise in tailored financing solutions ensures that you can secure the right vehicle while maintaining financial flexibility. Let us assist you in driving your business forward with our comprehensive Commercial Hire Purchase options.

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